Sautoir Shades Blue Topaz


Sautoir Shades necklace in Rose Gold with Diamonds and Blue Topaz


Rose Gold 18 Kt
Diamonds n°6 x 0,17 Kt Kt
TOPAZ n°8 x 24,00 Kt origin Brazil
n° Kt
measures: 100 cm length
Weight 9 grams
Cod. CL-205TABT-P


The two-tone Sautoir Shades Loko necklace in 18kt Rose Gold with TOPAZ and a diamond-dotted chain is a not-to-be-missed element from the Madagascar collection, aimed at women with a strong and refined taste. It blends prominent stones and a two-tone play of Uruguayan Amethyst and Brazilian Lemon Quartz with a su

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